You are Starbucks-oholic and you absolutely love going to Starbucks every day. But it is too bad you can’t bring your furry little friend with you. Your doggy is a major part of your life and you would love to walk right into Starbucks and order them a doggy-safe coffee drink, but you can’t because caffeine is terrible for dogs. However, Starbucks understands the importance of the dogs in our lives, and that is why the company has invented the puppuccino.


What is a puppuccino?

The puppuccino is a small snack size cup of whipped cream. That’s all it is- just whipped cream! The barista will add a small amount of whipped cream to a cup so your dog doesn’t eat too much dairy. Most dogs can handle the puppuccino just fine. There aren’t many other dog-friendly foods at Starbucks, so just stick with the puppuccino and maybe a cheese stick, and your doggie will be happy and healthy.

The Puppuccino

The next time you go to a Starbucks and you want to get your little doggy friend a treat, order a puppuccino. It is a delicious little dollop of whipped cream in the small espresso cup. They will enjoy it and thank you for the treat.

The Puppuccino at Starbucks is free! This delightful treat for dogs is part of the Starbucks secret menu and is typically given out as a complimentary item. While it’s often ordered alongside a paid item, if you’re stopping by just for your pet’s treat, it’s a good gesture to consider leaving a tip for your barista. However, please note that policies can vary from location to location, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local Starbucks.

Are There Any Other Foods at Starbucks that are Dog Friendly?

Starbucks Puppuccino
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Other than the puppuccino, there are a few other foods at Starbucks that are safe to feed your dog.

Starbucks sells a cheese snack called Moon Cheese Gouda. If you know your dog can handle cheese without indigestion or diarrhea, then a few bites of the Moon Cheese Gouda are sure to make them happy. Gouda is a high fat cheese, so don’t give them the entire bag. It would be best to give them five or six pieces of Moon Cheese Gouda. You can have the rest for yourself.

If you’ve given your dog dairy and cheese before and their stomachs handled it just fine, then buy your dog some String Cheese. String cheese is usually $0.95, and the String Cheese is made with mozzarella.

If you purchase a protein box that has a boiled egg in it, then that is the perfect snack for your dog. Dogs love eggs and the nutrition in the egg yolk is extremely good for their nails and fur. Cut the egg in half or into quarters so they don’t swallow it too fast. Some dogs love to eat their food in one bite, but the shape of the egg may cause them to choke.

Certain Starbucks locations sell beef jerky or turkey jerky. Turkey is just dried pieces of meat and your dog loves meat. Cut them a piece of your jerky and give it to them as an afternoon snack. Their tails will wag so fast, you think they’re going to take off like a helicopter!

If you purchase a cheese and fruit protein box, then your dog can eat most of the foods in that protein box. They can eat the crackers, the cheeses, and the apple slices. It’s almost like a doggy buffet in a box! But whatever you do, do not feed your dog grapes. Grapes are extremely toxic to dogs. I’m not talking about indigestion or diarrhea toxic. I’m talking about renal failure and death toxic.

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Grapes?

The reason grapes, and also raisins, are so toxic to dogs is because they cannot handle the tartaric acid. Certain grapes have high levels of tartaric acid, while other grapes have low levels of tartaric acid. If you feed your dog a grape that has a low level of tartaric acid, they will develop vomiting and diarrhea.

But if they eat a grape with a high level of tartaric acid, they’ll be dead within a week after suffering an immense amount of pain. No matter what to do, never feed your dog grapes, raisins, and sultanas. Sultanas are golden colored dehydrated grapes.

Dogs Can Eat Peanut Butter. So can I give little Spotty the almond butter in my protein box?

We all know that dogs love to eat peanut butter. It is the go to method for many dog owners when they need to give their pooch their medicine. They just stick the pill in the peanut butter and their dog will lick it up in no time.

So, can you give your dog the almond butter in your protein box? The answer is absolutely not. Peanut butter and almond butter are different nut butters and they are digested in a dog system differently. While peanut butter is safe to give a dog, almond butter is not.

A dog’s stomach cannot digest almond butter and they will have a difficult time passing it through their system.

Just because a dog wants to eat a food, that does not mean that it knows it is good for it or bad for it. Dogs will eat anything you put in front of them; only later will they suffer the consequences.

So don’t give your dog almond butter from your protein box. Give them the boiled egg instead.

What Will Happen if My Dog Drinks My Latte or Cold Brew?

A small amount of caffeine is not fatal to dogs or cats, but it is not needed in their diet. Animals do not need any type of caffeine, so there’s no need to give them a lick from your latte. But they would love to lick up a little of the remaining whipped cream in your cup when you’re done drinking it.

But what if you walked away to use the restroom and when you came back, your dog was face deep in your Caramel Cold Foam Latte? It depends on the amount they drank. If you saw them licking the top of the cup, then take it away from them, but don’t be alarmed or scared. A few licks shouldn’t hurt them.

But what if your dog drinks your whole latte, which has three shots of espresso? You better rush your dog to the veterinarian. Three shots of espresso are 225 mg of caffeine and the toxic level of caffeine for dogs is 140 mg.

If a dog drinks far too much caffeine, they will start vomiting and pooping everywhere. They will pant excessively because their body is becoming hotter and hotter and they will drink a lot of water and urinate a lot as well. They will also have extreme heart palpitations. Sometimes, the dogs can end up having seizures.

Also, the toxicity level of caffeine depends on the size of the dog. Your husky may not show any signs of problems with a few licks of a latte, but your tiny chihuahua may vomit.

Possible Questions on Your Mind

How much does a Starbucks Puppuccino cost?

The best part about a Puppuccino is that it’s free at Starbucks! While it’s often ordered alongside a paid item, if you’re stopping by just for your pet’s treat, consider leaving a tip for your barista.

What’s inside a Puppuccino?

A Starbucks Puppuccino is a simple yet delightful treat for dogs, consisting of a small cup of whipped cream. It’s coffee-free and a hit among our furry friends!

What’s the recipe for a Puppuccino?

To make a Puppuccino at home, you’ll need 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Whip it until medium peaks form. Remember, if you’re making this for a dog, keep it simple and avoid adding sugar or vanilla. Alternatively, you can use chilled canned coconut milk for a dairy-free version.

Are Puppuccinos safe for dogs?

Yes, Puppuccinos are safe for dogs, but should be enjoyed in moderation to prevent tummy troubles. If your dog is small or has a sensitive stomach, let them enjoy a few licks and save the rest for later.

What’s the difference between a Pup Cup and a Puppuccino?

There’s no difference between a Pup Cup and a Puppuccino. They’re two names for the same thing, a small cup of whipped cream offered by Starbucks as a treat for dogs.

Can cats have a Puppuccino?

Cats can technically eat whipped cream, but they’re often lactose intolerant, so it’s not recommended. If you want to treat your feline friend, consider pet-friendly alternatives.

Do all Starbucks make Puppuccinos?

While most Starbucks offer Puppuccinos, policies can vary from location to location. It’s always a good idea to call your local Starbucks and check their pet-friendly offerings beforehand.

How to pronounce ‘Puppuccino’?

‘Puppuccino’ is pronounced as ‘pup-oo-chino’, with the emphasis on the ‘oo’ sound. It’s a fun, playful name that combines ‘puppy’ and ‘cappuccino’.

Are Puppuccinos safe for puppies?

Puppuccinos can be given to puppies, but in very small quantities. Their systems are sensitive, so it’s best to let them have a few licks and see how they react before giving them more.

How to order a Puppuccino on the Starbucks app?

The Puppuccino isn’t officially listed on the Starbucks menu or app, as it’s part of their ‘secret menu’. However, you can request one in the ‘Add a note’ section when placing your order. Alternatively, ask for a Puppuccino when you’re picking up your order.


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